Swiftly Scripted - Wedding Invitation and Stationery Designer in Southern Ontario - Brittany Groux - Captured by Kirsten - RSVP card with bright orange envelope

I’m letting you in on some secrets today! Ever wonder where a stationer would splurge and save on their invitations? Now we all have different preferences, but let me tell you mine!


Envelope Addressing

I know I do calligraphy but for most people this is not a skill they have. If I was choosing to write out my invitations, I would seriously worry that the post office couldn’t read it! 😂 People not receiving my invites after investing time, money and being so proud of them would be devastating. Writing out those addresses is time consuming and not easy, definitely my number one splurge!

Your Favourite Add On

As much as you may want to, it may not be in your budget to do all the extra things. I would do a little research and choose my favourite. For me it would be an envelope liner with the double envelope. Personalizing that inner envelope with “Grandma” really does it for me.



With the ability to create a website in no time (even for those of us who aren’t so tech savvy), this could be a no brainer. This may be slightly challenging for some of your older guests to navigate but totally doable.

Add your website information to your details card and have them RSVP on your website. You will save both an envelope and the printed RSVP Card, that’s savings x 2!

Not Going Custom

Hear me out, now I love custom but it’s not for everyone. It can be an expensive process and may not have this in your budget. Semi-custom suites are a great option without sacrificing seamless design.